一家位于北美、从事加密货币挖矿和技术的私营企业,由私人所有,但是盈利能力极强。 他们就是BlockXV! 
究竟一家私营企业如何做到盈利能力极强,一种代币如何给持有者带来强大的利益?今晚我们邀请了BlockXV的CEO Jason来给我们一一揭秘。



CC:First of all,welcome Jason to introduce BlockXV project in brief.


Jason:At blockXV.io we are building a platform to allow everyone to become their own cryptocurrency Miner. The BXV token will be the digital token which will allow anybody to purchase Bitcoin mining. As everyone is no doubt aware the Bitcoin mining industry (and cryptocurrencies in general) has been growing add amazing rates the last few years. The reason for this is obviously that cryptocurrency mining is profitable.  That is to say that mining one Bitcoin cost substantially less then buying one Bitcoin (on an exchange or otherwise). The BlockXV token, called BXV, presents a sizeable opportunity to token holders by allowing them to mine cryptocurrency without the startup costs.  Upon launch of the BlockXV platform BXV may be exchanged/spent on cryptocurrency mining services.  BXV holders may purchase mining services according to the hashrate and duration they choose.  For example, you may choose to purchase 50-1000+ Terahash for 180 days (90, 180, 240 and 360 day options are available).  BXV will be accepted for both hashrate rental and electricity costs. All cryptocurrency (bitcoin or other crypto) earnings will be paid out to the wallet address you specify. Remember, cryptocurrency (bitcoin) mining is a profitable and growing enterprise around the world, as is miner hosting.  Therefore BXV holders will likely earn significantly more on their mining than they spend on services (earning will depend on bitcoin mining profitability). For early adopters the opportunity is much larger due to the discounted access to BXV.


CC:Did BXV have any opportunities or challenges in sales in Western markets before that?


Jason:BXV is launching initially in Asian markets.  Launching in western markets has become increasingly difficult due to the regulatory restriction leveled on investors.


CC:The biggest difference between BXV sales in western markets and Asian markets?BXV在西方市场和亚洲市场销售最大的区别是什么呢

Jason:We do not foresee any major differences.  Mining bitcoin is a profitable enterprise and will likely be viewed equally by knowledgeable crypto investors and proof-of-work mining enthusiasts and professionals alike. 


CC:What’s the economic model of BXV (token economy)? What advantages are there? (Is the life cycle of a token circular? How do I get it to loop?


Jason:First, Tokens are converted into mining services.  These services earn crypto through the proof-of-work (POW) process of solving blocks on the blockchain. Further services may also include purchasing shares in a proof-of-stake master node (such as with DASH), purchasing of machines and hosting agreements, and many other mining and crypto related services. Very Important:Unlike most other tokens we have a very simple model for token conversion (as well as a built in burn rate for all tokens exchanged for services).  While every investor / business person has their own levels of tolerance, capitol and risk most will recognize the financial benefit of purchasing mining services.  Of course mining profitability is directly related to the number of machines (total hashing power) and the price of bitcoin. Thus, different periods of time will be more / less profitable than other periods.


CC:What is the most challenging time point in the future schedule for BXV in your opinion?


Jason:As with all blockchain software companies one of the biggest challenges is locating and hiring the software developers required to complete the BlockXV platform and wallet. As the bitcoin price cycle is approaching an upwards rally we will see, again, a boom in hiring and eventually a limited pool of professionals.  When Libra (Facebook’s cryptocurrency) launches we will see a further boom in the industry and an avenue of marketing that will help propel BXV and many other tokens.


CC:How can BXV and ecology be combined?


Jason:BlockXV itself is a software company partnering with large scale mining companies for the hashrate. As a software company our footprint is very small of course. There is much in the news however regarding the power consumption of the bitcoin mining industry. Our main mining partner, Kryptk Ltd, sources 100% of its electricity from hydroelectric power utilities. We at BXV and our partners strive to limit our carbon footprint through the use of renewable power sources for ourselves and that of our partners now and into the future. The bottom-line is that hydro-electric power in both western and eastern markets generally has the most competitive rates and is thus both economically beneficial and has the lowest impact on our ecology.


CC:Has the explosion in crypto currency mining in the past two years had any effect on BXV?


Jason:BXV is a result of the explosion of the cryptocurrency mining industry.  Being involved with a non-tokenized mining service company was the inspiration for BXV as a medium.


CC:Does token destruction affect the holder?


Jason:Token “destruction”/ burn does affect holders, but in a very good way! The token burn reduces the available supply of tokens which reduces the sell pressure on the tokens that are still tradeable.As less tokens are available for sale, the remaining tokens should in theory be worth more and affects token holders positively.



Audience:Did BXV have presale or IEO?


Jason:We are preparing for both.  This AMA group is the launch of social media campaign.  You are all the first!


Audience:BXV is a mining service, so where is the mine exactly?


Jason:Our partner Kryptk Owen and  operates 3 mines in North America (USA).   We are also in discussions and working with several large mining operation in Asia, one is located in China.  All operate hydro electrical.

我们的合作伙伴Kryptk Owen在美国有三个矿场,同时我们也在和很多亚洲矿场进行对接,其中一家矿场位于中国,采用水力发电模式

本次对BXV的揭秘就先告一段落啦。 感谢Jason和CC带来的精彩采访,相信看完的朋友都能够有所收获。那么问题来了,究竟BXV未来还能给大家带来多少益处,能够如何领先,还有多少可以深挖的地方……都是我们一起期待的地方。让我们昂首以待!








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